The Best Leather Biker Vest

Let’s not waste any time. Right, you’re here for the real deal on the top harley womens leather vest. Good. If it’s not absolutely necessary, I won’t go on and on about patinas or stitching. So buckle up Buttercup. We are about to delve into the nitty gritties.

First, let’s talk about craftsmanship. You may have thought I was against poetry, but please listen to what I’m saying. If the stitching in your vest looks like it was done with caffeine, there’s a problem. The gear should be able to withstand rain, wind and all other Mother Nature’s wrath while still looking great. Leather is your best friend – full-grain, it is tougher than nails and will age better than fine vintage wine.

Design – no, that doesn’t mean it has to match your shoes. Some like vests with as few pockets as possible, similar to a monk’s closet. Others prefer enough pockets to store their entire life in. Hey, if your vest is a patchwork montage of your trips or club memberships, you can do it. Just keep in mind: Form follows functionality.

You can never have too much pockets. Zipper ones are ideal for keeping your items from being thrown off your bike when you’re riding fast. How about adjustability and comfort? If you’re not going to be the same weight forever (and, if so, please tell me how you manage it), you can use side straps or lace ups instead of buying a whole new vest whenever you forget leg day.

Importing versus buying domestically is similar to the Coke and Pepsi argument – everyone has their own opinion. It’s worth it to spend a few more dollars on something made locally if quality and supporting local artists are important.

Comfort is our top priority. A vest that is too tight will be discarded faster than the china set of my grandmother. It’s important to have something that moves easily with you. Nothing ruins a ride quicker than feeling like duct tape is wrapped around you.

So who is doing this right? Schott NYC has outfitted bikers since before it’s cool. Legendary USA provides custom options to ensure that no vest is identical. Think of them as the tattooists of leatherwear. Fox Creek Leather and what about them? It’s all about American made quality, with the promise that their gear can outlast your bicycle (and you).

Let’s wrap it up (because I was told by my editor to). Finding the right leather biker jacket is not rocket science, but it will take some searching and you’ll need to decide on what is important to your: style or function? Don’t forget: This isn’t just another item of clothing. Think of it as an extension of who you are on wheels.

Find that vest that is perfect for you – one that can tell your story in a few words and will make each ride feel as if it’s an adventure.

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