Nature’s Underdog: From Wardrobes and Fuel Tanks, the underdog turns heads

Oh, hemp cannabis! This misunderstood cousin has caused quite a stir recently The one that isn’t a high-inducing drug but makes great jeans? Let’s explore this green goldmine to see what the fuss about it is.

Let’s first talk about clothes. Hemp fibers have the toughness of Chuck Norris but are surprisingly soft. Not only are they durable, but wearing hemp feels like being wrapped in Mother Nature’s hug. Who wouldn’t want the feeling of being Mother Nature’s favourite child?

Then, we’ll move on to the kitchen pantry. Hemp seeds are nutritional powerhouses, tiny and nimble. They laugh at other seeds. In a small, crunchy shell, hemp seeds are a powerhouse of omega-3 and omega-6 fats that will help your brain and heart. Sprinkle them onto your morning yogurt, or blend them in your smoothie. Either way, your body is going to thank you.

Wait, there’s even more! Biofuel is something you may have heard about. These same tiny seeds are capable of generating cleaner fuels for our cars and trucks than fossil-fuels. Imagine telling your car “eat up” while you pour in one gallon of hemp oil. This might sound crazy but our future could be this.

Farmer’s are getting into the hemp game as well. This crop is their dream come true. It uses less water and pesticides than cotton. This crop is like the ideal guest at a dinner – low maintenance but leaves things in better shape than it found them.

If we are talking about Mother Earth, which we should, hemp plants act as carbon vacuum cleaners. The plants absorb CO2 more quickly than a shopper with a plastic card in the middle of a sales period. Hemp has proven to be a valuable ally in our fight against global warming.

But despite these superpowers hemp has suffered from an image problem due to its relationship with marijuana. But the times are changing. As people become aware that hemp is not as dangerous as beer, laws around hemp are starting to relax.

CBD, the compound found in hemp, is also attracting medical attention. It may not be able to make you see rainbows but it can help with anxiety and pain.

It’s funny, but despite the potential of hemp for good things, there’s some confusion around what it’s actually used for. I’ve been asked everything from, “Can I eat these seeds and fail a drug-test?” to, “Can I smoke my t-shirt?”

We are at a weird intersection where ancient wisdom meets innovation in a plant that is both simple and complex. Hemp cannabis, not just another crop, is a symbol for how we’re rethinking the meaning of sustainability in industries from fashion and fuel.

Hemp cannabis, whether short or long, is one of nature’s greatest gifts. It can be worn on the back and used as fuel for cars while being more environmentally friendly than many other options.

If someone says hemp cannabis to you, think about the benefits of sustainable jeans or heart-healthy drinks instead.