How To Select A Leather Motorbike Jacket That Tells A Story

Let’s jump right to the main point. You’re on the hunt for a real leather biker jacket that not only whispers “I am there”, but will also say “I know tales.” A leather motorcycle vest search isn’t the same as buying a new pair of socks. The best way to travel is with a friend. We’re going to go on an adventure in search of the perfect vest.

Material comes first. You can choose from cowhide or Buffalo. Cowhide is tough and resistant to sun, wind and scrapes. Buffalo leather: It is the flexible cousin of cowhide. The surface is textured and cool.

Stitching holds everything together. What you need is something that you can rely on. We don’t like vests whose edges unravel if we ride fast. What we want is something that will stay on, no matter what.

Functionality and aesthetics are equally important. Imagine riding without anywhere to put your items. Nightmare, right? Many vests feature multiple pockets that you can use to store your phone or wallet as well as snacks. Many vests feature hidden pockets for concert tickets or other items.

You can have lots of fun customizing. Add some artwork and patches to the plain vest. Your personality will show through. Your vest is a journal of your experiences.

Brands do matter, but perhaps not as you would expect. Underdogs are just as important as the big names. Many small brands dedicate their lives to creating high-quality gear.

Schott NYC has been making leather goods since 1927. Fox Creek Leather for instance uses American-made materials to create vests of the highest quality.

Vanson leathers is able make custom vests which are unique. They can also fulfill your wildest vest desires.

Finding the perfect leather vest for your motorcycle doesn’t require you to follow trends or check off boxes. Find a piece that makes you feel good and is suitable for your body. The best leather motorbike vest is the one that will collect stories as well miles.

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