From Tacos and Titans: The Art of Picking the Perfect Dog name

Selecting a is a lot like selecting a new tattoo. The name is going to be something you shout across the park all your life, so it better be something you enjoy repeating. Just like tattoos and dog names, they are available in all sizes, shapes, and inspirations. Let’s jump right in, shall we.

Let’s begin by talking about people who love to call out the name of their favorite food. Who wouldn’t laugh when someone called out “Taco”, a “Muffin”, etc.? It’s like every call is an invite to dinner. Imagine how people will react when they see “Meatball”, a bulldog with a big belly, or “Whiskey”, a small poodle.

It’s not just the mythology and history nerds that dig into ancient texts, or Wikipedia to find that perfect nickname. Imagine a greyhound called Achilles, zooming about – that sounds epic! Or how about “Cleopatra”, which is a catlike Siamese cat with a regal appearance? This is a dog-related article, but it’s still a good one!

Irony lovers are not forgotten. Tiny? A Great Dane that is massive and named Tiny? Classic. The Doberman is called “Fluffy”. You betcha. These people love to laugh and always make their dog’s names funny.

Let’s move on to those that were inspired by pop-culture – TV shows, movies, books – whatever. Ever met a dog named “Dobby”? It’s likely that his ears were bigger than his head and his eyes would melt even the coldest hearts. Or, how about “Gandalf”, for a dog that is old and wise with a bearded beard. Perfect fit.

It’s not clear why, but human names on a dog just seem to resonate differently. Finding dogs with people names such as Gary or Brenda is always amusing. Shouting Kevin! It’s a special experience to shout “Kevin!

Tell you a story about my neighbour’s dog. She named it after her favorite type of cheese, Brie. It sounds like her dog is missing every time she calls it in from her yard.

When choosing a dog’s name, you can simply look at them to see what sounds right. Sometimes, you’re lucky enough to have a dog that does something so completely them that the perfect name comes to mind. Tornado, for example, was named by my friend after his dog who wouldn’t stop running around the house as a puppy.

In essence (see that I avoided saying “in conclusion” there? The process of choosing a name for your dog is a unique adventure. There will be laughter, some second guessing and finally you’ll find the perfect tag. T would work better.

If you want to make others laugh, or not, it is important that you enjoy calling your pet’s name. It’s worth it to be there. Who knows what sounds you might hear? And without breaking the bank. Remember, everyone begins somewhere. Usually by saying “hello”. Happy learning! The best memories are right there in front of you.

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