DIY Auto Detailing is a Joyful Journey

Oh, car detailing. The magic process of turning a car that looks like it was in a mud-wrestling match into a showpiece. We’ll start by saying that this is not your regular Sunday wash. You can think of this as giving your car an all-out spa experience, only instead we are talking about suds (soap), waxes (wax), and vacuums. You can get the best guide on Black Optix Tint.

To begin with, car detailing looks like baking a souffle. Although intimidating at first, it’s well worth it. Starting with a wash will set you on the right path. We’re not talking about a quick wash, but rather scrubbing every part of your car.

The clay bar is the next step after cleaning every last speck like you are erasing all bad memories from your past. Has anything ever been as smooth as butter to you? Here’s the goal. This tiny bar of magic removes stuff that you’d never even known was in your paint. It can be anything from tree gunk to bird leftovers.

You’ll want to polish your car so that it shines brighter and more brilliantly than the forehead of my Aunt Mabel at our family barbecue back in July. Polishing can remove those small scratches and swirls, which seem to pop up out of no where (I look at you, garage gremlins). You can then wax or seal the surface to make it resistant to the elements.

The wait is over! Still, the work is not done. Imagine vacuuming all crevices so thoroughly, that no crumb remains from the last drive-thru. Then shampooing the seats until they look so comfortable you might even want to sleep in them (just me?). I won’t go into the topic of leather care. Leather seats would sing halleluiahs if they could.

Why go through all that trouble? In addition to making your ride Instagram-worthy (without those sneaky filters), regular detailing keeps its value constant. Do you want to purchase a used vehicle that’s well maintained or that was once a stray cat home?

Let’s not overlook how nice it is to drive in a sparkling car. Imagine wearing new socks daily if this were socially accepted.

It’s you again: “Can I not just pay somebody to do that?” It’s possible! Wizards are out there that can change your car into something you would never have imagined. Try DIY detailing too. It is surprisingly relaxing (and kind to your wallet).

Innovative detailing has also not taken a step back. Now, we have eco-friendly and nano-coated products that are as easy to use as wax.

In its core, however? The passion of car detailing comes from the love that humans have for their vehicles. No matter whether you hire professionals to do the job or you decide to tackle it on your own, there is no doubt that the results will be spectacular.

Now grab your microfiber towels! What if you find yourself wanting to detail again next weekend? What if you find yourself wanting to repeat the process next weekend? You can make it simple, yet complicated. Or mundane and magical. More turns than any roller coaster you’ve ever been on! Settle in, friends. It looks like you’re going to be on an exciting ride. It looks as though we’re about to embark on a thrilling ride.

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